Who Is The Best ‘Durant’ Or ‘King James’

Everyone thinks that LeBron James is the best player in the NBA. Well I don’t think so. I think     that Kevin Durant is because of the way he handles himself off and on the court. Everyone is saying LeBron James because his size, speed, strength and dunking ability. But at the same time Kevin Durant is 6foot9 and has a wingspan of 7’1 inches and he can do it all he can pass, shoot, dribble and pass. Don’t get it wrong LeBron James can do it also but not Durant. Durant can shoot the long ball and free throw but LeBron James cannot.

LeBron James is only 27 years old and his still young. He has led his team to two NBA finals and guess how many he has won? Zero. I am not bragging on during he has one on either but he has lead his team to the playoffs and he has led the league in scoring and he is only 23. Durant is better than LeBron in the 4 quarter, because he has hit gamer winners than LeBron James.

Durant is not a well passer or finish as well as LeBron but Durant can create his own shoots on the floor at any time. I f LeBron James can finish better in the 4 quarter I might consider him as the best but right now it is Durant .

Hahhhh… My Achievements That I Want In Life

The achievements that I want in life are to be a professional basketball player or to be a   lawyer. I want to be basketball because I can travel around the world and get paid to do I want for a living. Also because I want to give back to schools, homeless people. Also to be known as a role model for older and younger kids.

I want to be Lawyer to solve crime because there are incent people getting accused for nothing. Also people are lying on other people so that they won’t be in jail for something they did. Little people need lawyers also because police and judges will try to get over on little people. Also so that justice is solved now and later.

I want to have a nice life and I want my kids also to have a wonderful life. Also I want to leave this world and know I did something in my life. I want people rocking and wearing my shirts. This I to do in my life

Hmmmm…. What Did I Do Wrong ?

One mistake I did and I learned from is not to do stupid things and make wise decision. I say this because when you play around it gets you in trouble or, you repeat the same grade in school. I played a lot in school and I ended repeating the same grade. I didn’t do my homework, did not turn in projects, classwork and in a result I got bad grades.

Anther mistake I made and I learned from is not to friends with everyone. I wanted to give my money and friendship. Then they started to turn against me started to diss me and wanted to fight me. Also they stated calling me names and I wanted to fight and something not and as a result I did not get in trouble.

Last mistake I did is that I cheated on my test. I haven’t study and I wanted to get an A so I looked at one of my friends test. I got in trouble and I got a zero. If I would have study I would have probably got an A. My teacher was nice and Saied I could retake the test afterschool, so I study an at the end I got an A